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Gunther Thienpont Branding retail
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Branding brings people and ideas together.

Graphic designers are the Leonardo da Vincis of the modern times: with a combination of a variety of skills they create amazing results. My personal creative platform is branding retail. It allows me to combine my different talents, interests, knowledges and expertise - branding strategy, graphic design, 3D, bag design, and photography. The perfect place to mix these skills and create a creative cocktail is retail branding.

Raise your brand

Become visible in a consistent way! All brand touchpoints are crucial and should represent the look and feel of your brand. Next to brand building, I combine graphic language, photography and 3D design to create the perfect retail experience.

Retail Branding + E-commerce

People do not buy brands, they join brands. Therefore, it is important that brand touchpoints are aligned on all levels to create a coherent brand experience.(Including eShop - Shopify Experienced)

Graphic Design

The graphic language is key, ranging from hangtags to complete CI guidelines... Every visual execution should breathe your brand DNA so that customers can recognize your brand in the twinkling of an eye.


In the era of social media images are key. Being an enthusiastic photographer, I also translate brand IDs into lifestyle and product photography.

3D Design

Retail means shops. Shops mean displays, fixtures, planograms and tailored shop solutions for your brand, a whole design package.

“Any effort to attract customers is marketing. Any effort to attract customers and retain them is branding.”
Retail branding

A successful brand can become a touchstone in a customer’s life

Companies may sell products.
But customers join brands.

As a branding architect, I try to cover all parts of the brand ID to make sure that the customer touchpoints are always fitting their needs and the needs of the brand.



Stand out

But don’t stand alone. In the age of communities, the most important measuring unit is not the segment but the tribe.


Creative intellect

Creativity and intellect go hand in hand Since a business has only one valid purpose: create customers.


Commercial Artist

Out of the box thinking in combination with a business strategy is the secret for success. The more rules, the more creativity is needed


Design customer experiences

Unforgettable customer experiences can’t be forced but have to be designed. Design creates a vibrant set of touchpoints for more customer engagement.

What People Say

I love to work with passionated people.
As Steve Jobs once said: "People with passion can change the world"

As a dynamic creative director, Gunther was always ahead on what was coming next. He was on a non-stop search for more indepth knowledge on both graphic and managing levels. He inspired me with his optimistic enthusiastic drive and all-embracing expertise. Gunther was a great colleague, boss, coach and mentor.

Inge Simons Design - Art

I've been working a long time with Gunther in developing the Hedgren brand for marketing and design aims. His working appetite as well as his skills are far above average. Furthermore he understands the "magic"​ of nowadays'​ marketing.

Xavier Kegels Founder of Laurent David, Kipling and Hedgren.

I remember Gunther as an excellent creative artist but also someone who was able to execute his visionary ideas in a very pragmatic and efficient manner, something only the best creative people can be proud of.

Peter Smeets Chief Executive Officer at Interstate Advertising GmbH
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